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Q: What is the Help Desk tab for?
This tab is intended to help provide a brief, concise explanation of your connectivity. This can be read over the phone, if needed, to a service provider. This tab has less hand-holding; it is intended for a help desk to understand (as compared to an end user).

This special instance shares in a very compact way:

Q: What is the easiest way to send users to the Help Desk tab?
There are several ways to do it. Some of these are more obvious than the others when reading; some of them may be easier when read over the phone. In all of these cases, the "Help Desk" tab is moved to be the first and default tab shown to the user, instead of exposing the more detailed user-facing page. Mirror sites may not have all the fancy DNS names; they are more likely to be useful like this:
Q: What are the Help Desk codes?
These are meant to offer a quick, short way for your customer to tell you the status of their Internet connectivity, as validated by this site. They are also meant to be easy to memorize.
code short description recommended action
112 IPv4, plus Broken IPv6 IPv6 related attempts are timing out. This is not a quick fix. Verify the proper IPv6 address has been provisioned; verify the IPv6 route is correct. Check for unexpected or outdated firewalls and firewall rules. Other ideas are at broken.html. Of all the status codes, this is the one that suggests that users will have problems with many major web sites today, due to timeouts with IPv6.
(You can remember this code as the Emergency number for many parts of the world; much like America's 911).
4 IPv4 only Provision working IPv6 to the user; ensure the user has a modern home router and a modern operating system. Note that Teredo might have been detected; but if it was, we found that it was not used for normal named web sites (only for raw IPv6 address connections).
46 IPv4 + IPv6 Rejoice!
624 6to4 Provision working IPv6 to the user; ensure the user has a modern home router and a modern operating system. 6to4 will be ignored when a useful IPv6 service is found.
6 IPv6 only. This is expected in some lab and experimental setups only. Note that to reach this status, the IPv6-only user will have to connect to (or similar mirror sites).
Q: How can I recommend changes to the Help Desk tab?
Suggestions are welcome; especially from those operating help desks. This tab is really for you - not for the consumer. Please keep in mind that we want to keep the tab brief, concise, and easy to read for the average user over the phone to your help desk team. Send suggestions to .

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